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How To Determine The Value Of Your Pokemon Cards

Collecting Pokemon cards can be quite exciting and fun. Most collectors start out by simply collecting cards because they like playing the game or are avid fans of the anime. But eventually, through experience, they learn how to gauge the value of the Pokemon cards they collect. For beginner collectors, here are some of the ways to determine the value of your Pokemon cards.

Know The Types

There are essentially three types of Pokemon cards that you can collect- Character, Energy, and Trainer cards. Of the three types, Pokemon Character cards are the most valuable to collect. Trainer cards come in second while Energy cards are too common and not so popular for collectors. Try to focus on finding and collecting more Pokemon Character cards if you wish to build up a collection of value in the future.

Condition Of The Card

The condition of the Pokemon card can also determine its inherent value. “Mint” condition cards are usually valued more than those with some evidence of wear. As a collector, you must make sure that your cards look and stay in excellent condition especially if you wish to maintain its current value and ensure future gain.

Age and Rarity Of The Card

The age as well as the rarity of a Pokemon card can also determine how valuable it can be. The year your card was printed can make it more valuable especially if it is one of the earliest ones to come out. The number of such cards left in circulation can also have a large impact on their value, especially for many Pokemon card collectors.



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