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Flesh and Blood Trading Cards Game

Flesh & Blood is a relatively new collectible card game that has quickly gained popularity among players around the world. Flesh and Blood is published by Legend Story Studio (LSS), an independent design studio based in Auckland, New Zealand.

On October 11, 2019, Legend Story Studios released the first booster set of Flesh & Blood, Welcome to Rathe Alpha Edition.

In Flesh and Blood TCG, players take on the role of a hero and battle against their opponents using a deck of cards representing weapons, spells, and other equipment.

Each hero has its unique abilities and playstyle, and players must strategically manage their resources and cards to defeat their opponent.

The game features a unique resource system that requires players to manage both their life total and their “resources” (known as “Willpower” or “Resource Points”).

Players must balance their need for powerful cards with the risk of taking damage, creating an exciting and tense gameplay experience.

Flesh and Blood TCG has a growing competitive scene, with organized tournaments and events taking place around the world.

The game has also gained recognition for its high-quality artwork and production value, making it a popular choice among collectors as well.

Flesh and Blood Welcome to Rathe Alpha Booster Box



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