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25th Anniversary Special First Partner Packs

Celebrate 25 Big Years of Pokémon! It’s a big celebration, with new releases throughout the year! For Pokémon TCG collectors this new binder is a big deal. Offering you an oversized Pikachu card with the purchase along with storage for others jumbo cards coming later this year.  The binder can hold 30 oversized cards.


Throughout 2021, fans will be able to collect and trade First Partner Packs, which include oversize cards featuring the first partner Pokémon of the various regions in the Pokémon world, and store them in the First Partner Collector’s Binder.

Galar First Partner packs include three oversize promo cards featuring the first partner Pokémon of the Galar region—Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble—plus two regular Pokémon TCG boosters.

The First Partner Pack release dates, for the different Pokemon regions, are as follows:
  • First Partner Collector’s Binder – Feb 26
  • First Partner Pack (Galar) – March 5
  • First Partner Pack (Alola) – April 2
  • First Partner Pack (Kalos) – May 7
  • First Partner Pack (Unova) – June 4
  • First Partner Pack (Sinnoh) – July 9
  • First Partner Pack (Hoenn) – Aug 6
  • First Partner Pack (Johto) – Sept 3
  • First Partner Pack (Kanto) – Oct 8


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